Hello to everyone.
I am new to this scene and been browsing what has seemed to be thousands of sites and supposed "experts" to gain knowledge and understanding of what this treatment truly does and don't do.

I have been under doc care for a little over 2 months with 300mg/eow of cypionate. but do to the high costs and travel to and from i have decided to do this by myself (and the help of others from here).

Where i am at presently is lining up a source based on reviews from you all. and mlg and op appear to be it.

My question to you is:
Is there a link that i missed here that referenced what dosage you should use as a guideline?
Meaning my if my labs come back at total T of 330, free T 30, est of 85.
So to stay at 200-250 of cypionate eow
5mg arimedex eod

thx, keysdisease