As the title says all orders over $150 will get 10 free Amps of Ephedrine and free shipping through 8-1-14! It doesnt stop, there, orders over $300 gets 20 free amps, orders over $450 30 free amps and so on!!

You can take the ephedrine, IM, subq, or even drink it if you prefer not to do injections. It doesnt taste bad at all in coffee!!
if you want to read more about it, check it out here

This sale is going until 8-1-14

To get in on this go to
register and place an order
Email alv with your order number at and say you are from IML and want in on the free ephedrine sale with free shipping.
You can also email me at the same info and i can forward it to alv.

If anyone has questions, dont histate to email or pm me.