Where's vision been

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    Where's vision been

    Hey everyone,

    As you know a few weeks ago I made an announcement that vision would be out due to an illness that literally kept him bed ridden, while he was sick he woke up Sunday morning to receive a phone call that his brother had passed away. As you can imagine this has been really hard on him, his spouse and his children. As some of you may know having lost someone that close to you it is a life altering event. This has literally consumed him and kept him from being able to go about his daily routine. He wanted me to apologize to anyone who has messaged him that he has not gotten back to, understand he is coming back effective today but trying to answer 1,000 plus emails would consume all his time and keep him away from helping members on the board. What I ask is that if you emailed him please forward it to exerciseordie or myself as a lot of questions or concerns can be answered by one of us. If it is something that requires his attention we will bring it to him. This will make it to where we are able to have him focus on the customers that require his immediate attention in the most timely manner possible. Please help me welcome him back in this thread!
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    I would PM you Vision but I'm sure you are swamped with many emails and PMs. I'm truly sorry about your brother. I lost my brother to a car accident when he was 17. That event ripped my world apart as we were extremely close. If after you get settled back in and you need to talk, please feel free to PM me. Welcome back brother and I will pray for you my friend.

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