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Silly Question about Superdrol

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    Silly Question about Superdrol

    Hey bros (and female bros) -

    Been a while since I've posted anything and have what I think to be, a silly question about superdrol. My experience with SD is that for the first 7 days, I tend to gain 1 lbs per day (obviously water). Subsequent gains tend to be muscle and soon as I go off, I lose the initial water weight. My question is - would it make sense to purposefully be retaining extra water going into a SD cycle? My thought is, it would maximize muscle tearing during training... but that may be inventing some bro-science.

    For those who are curious - I'm looking at running:
    30mgs SD as a 3 week kickstart (that 4th week leaves me DEAD.)
    800mgs Test E - 20 weeks
    500mgs Deca - 16 weeks
    [And possibly upwards of 800mgs EQ].
    + all the relevant supports

    Currently cruising on 250mgs Test E + Ostarine + GHRP6/modGRF1

    Some facts about me: I'll be 30 when I start the cycle, have run about 4 or 5 cycles before and none of the compounds are new. Started lifting at age 27, and started with chemistry too early for sure but have learned a lot in the process. I tend to run EQ *REALLY* well which is why I "mega-dose" it as I get no spike in BP or hematacrit and get blood work done midcycle to verify. I'm 5'7", ~190lbs and call it 15% bodyfat. My goal is to compete in an NPC show in mid-2015 and have never competed before. Goals for this cycle is to maximize LBM and this will be my last bulk before I start removing bodyfat. I'm attaching a recent progress pic... jokes about my posing being shit are expected :-)
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