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[Alternate-day oral tadalafil for erectile dysfunction with no successful intercourse at the baseline].

AuthorsDu Q, et al. Show all Journal
Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue. 2012 Jan;18(1):93-5. Article in Chinese.


OBJECTIVE: To summarize the experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) with no successful intercourse at the baseline with tadalafil.

METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed 21 cases of ED with no successful intercourse at the baseline treated with tadalafil on alternate days combined with sex guidance.

RESULTS: After 4 weeks of tadalafil treatment, 19 of the patients achieved successful sexual intercourse, and the IIEF-5 score was remarkably improved as compared with pre-medication (3.24 +/- 1.55 vs 18.95 +/- 3.02, P<0.0001). Mild adverse reactions were observed in 6 cases, including 2 cases of mild headache and 4 cases of facial blush.

CONCLUSION: Tadalafil on alternate days combined with sex guidance can significantly improve ED with no successful intercourse at the baseline.