Looking forward to continuing my progress with a new stack. I done my last cjc-dac inject on Tues so gonna wait a little before starting my LR3. When I do I will start at 100mcg but move up to 200mcg eod. That will be in the form of micro injs (10mcg) in specific body parts. I am thinking mainly my calves and chest. I will dose it pre workout and train the muscles I inject.

The clen I started a few days ago and it is potent. I took more than I initially thought as our droppers are 1.5ml. So I took about 50mcg and was shaking all day long. I am gonna keep the dose low so probably won't go above 60mcg per day. I will use it approx. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but will listen to my body so will adjust accordingly.

I have been using 0.5mg letro pre bed for over a week and it has had a big impact on my physique. I look much leaner since starting it. It has dried me out fast and as a result I look more vascular and harder. It tastes like utter crap but the results are worth it.

I will also be using some cjc no dac with hexarelin and will start that 2moro. I will be using 100mcg cjc no dac and 66mcg hexarelin.