I started this thread because I just talked to my buddy (he lives out of state) who ordered Pharmacom Anavar from DS under 2 months ago. Hes been taking about 30mgs a day along with Primobolan Enanthate (not sure of the weekly wattage though) since. I believe he's order a total of 2 packs (200 tabs). He's been working out and trying to eat descent, but doesn't do a hardcore diet. He told me this morning he's LOST 30lbs (which was his goal) since he started. About 2 weeks ago, one of our friends ordered the same, from DS. He's already lost about 4-5llbs and is shredding up quick (he lives close by, so I can see his progress).

So, if there's anyone out there looking for Anavar...look no further. This shit is the real deal!

And shout out to Murf for actually giving me the heads up that DS was carrying Pharmacom Anavar!!