I will be honest in saying that I have had struggles in my life that were beyond my comprehension. I have had my youngest daughter put up for adoption without my consent, having to locate her and pay over $30,000.00 to obtain her. I am happy to announce that I have her living with me now as she has for years. I have been having to pick battles in my life, choosing which daughter to fight for first knowing if I didn’t go after my youngest I would lose her forever…. Having to try to get this divorce done when it so complicated due to my daughter’s situation I’ve had to sell my motorcycle to hire someone to do the paperwork for me. It’s in these times you ask yourself what your priorities are, how you can accomplish your goals, how do I financially achieve my goals. While talking to vision it hit me….. We have one of the greatest communities around right here with professionals in all areas of work. What I would like to propose is an outreach program for every member on IM/ASF. If you have a unique skill or profession and are willing to donate some time to help others either for free or low cost please list it below. As I’ve stated I have had to overcome these obstacles alone and I wish this on no one. So please one and all list your skills if you are willing to assist your brothers and sisters of the iron. This can include multiple areas of work web design maybe a discount for members, graphic design, legal aid anything you can think of. If you have made a profession out of your line of work that means others need it.

Thank you,

SF Team