i will be doing a 12 week log on cjc no dac and ipam and ig-lr3 and some exemestane 36 year old 5ft-10 210-215 ilbs about 12% bf have been traning on and off for over 20 years but been on point for the last several years.i got my pak in shipping was really good and every thing was wrapped up and was all there.my first thoughts were that this is some of the highest grade stuff i have ever seen the vials are air sealed when you stick the pin in just sucked all the bac water out fast. you have to be careful if mixing more than one pep at the same time it will suck what you have in the pin out fast they are super air tight.like i said the highest grade stuff i have ever seen even better that rx grade hgh like the vials being air tight and of high grade i gotten from the pharmacy.it is clear as water when mixed and the cjc and ipam gives me a head rush and i turn hot and red which is a good thing. it is still very early but so far this is the best company i have ever used not just pep company but any company and it is not even close.i will update this log a lot. this first post was just mainly to say how happy i was with what i got and seen and felt so far.