First off, you'll have to forgive my lack of knowledge when it comes to forums and the acronyms present. I do read them from time to time just not avidly. (I thought possibly making my own account and getting involved would help my interests)

My stats are as follows:
6 Foot 2 inches tall weighing in at about 230 and hanging around 10-12 percent body fat. W/O (the one acronym i feel that i know lol) everyday just about or have some kind of activity. Done plenty of cycles to know what i can handle and what I'm doing really. Started lifting when i was about 175 and would have got to where i am much faster if it wasn't for college basketball. BUT! now that that is over and my hooping days are behind me I hope to take this very serious and maybe enter my first physique comp. next year. (BUT again, just a little goal in the making, not my main focus right now) OH! and I just turned 24.

The cycle I'm planning to run have the contents of Sustanon, Tren E, and Equipoise. Iv'e ran Sus and Tren E plenty of times before but never EQ. Was wondering what would be a good stack of them all.

This is what I had in mind.

Sustanon- 600 Mg a week, weeks 1-14, inject MWF
Tren E- - 600 Mg a week, weeks 1-12, inject MWF
Equipois - 600 Mg a week, weeks 4-16, Inject Tuesday and Saturday I'm thinking

I have Nolva, A-dex, Letro, Clomid, and even Cabaser on hand.

Was also looking for advice on PCT and the proper way to run the Cabaser.

I know it's a big cycle, and i know i should be okay with the Test and Tren amounts. The EQ being involved and the PCT to keep the sides away is my main concern.