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    Future Goals

    I know I have asked about goals in the past pertaining to this specific year. But I want to hear from my brothers on here about life goals pertaining to bodybuilding, power lifting, and overall fitness.

    My goal is to make an impact in the physique class building up enough muscle to make a statement in bodybuilding (although with my build I am more confident with making an impact with the physique class)

    Also would like to at some point get a pro card which I truly believe with a few years (5+) good gear and hard work, I can do it. Let's hear from you guys!
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    Well in 2015 I will compete in bodybuilding. I was going to do physique this year but decided it wasnt my passion. I decided to take this year to grow using gh and slin. No intention of getting a pro card at this time. Its more so the lifestyle I care about.

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