early 20s guy from Europe! looking for advice!

i have been off cycle now for around 4 months and going hit it hard again for around 16 weeks.

my plan is Propp dbol since i just can't get enough of the results im getting from prop instead of Enanthe.. the stuff is amazing i respond like hell on it!

300mg propp eod
50mg dbol ed splitted in 3 dosage during the day.

i have been reading about this "short blast cycles" and got me curious, becuse around week 8-10 in most cycles the gains kinda stop hard and i guess that is becuse the receptors is full?

so i have been thinking is you stop the propp for around 2 1/2 weeks-3 weeks in 3 periods of time during the cycle too clear out the receptors since the half life of propp is like 3 days and detection is 2-3 weeks the receptors would be kinda fresh again for gains even if you gained alot?

im perhaps out talking something i dont know about but if enyone can correct me please do!