If you knew your gear abuse was going to end your life 20 years prematurely, would you still abuse it? I mean, were all gonna die, yeah. And the last 15-20 years are probably the worst anyway.

There is no way in hell that supraphysiological doses of gear over periods of years or decades has zero effect on the human body, so please dont start with that "Theres no proof" nonsense. Youre an ignorant fuck if you believe that. We all know the risks. Be it cardiovascular/heart, stoke, liver, etc. Not to mention shitty labs using powders from china with heavy metals, etc. Or being pozzed by gay muslim sponsors who hate americans and secretly jizz inside our vials.

This is neither an anti gear thread nor is it a pro gear thread. Just curious what you homos would do if faced with the possibility of early death or living to 75+ as a not-big, skinny fat geezer.