Ok guys. I'm not a pro so learning here. I have a set amount of macros given to me by my coach. I'm hitting then with no problem. I do work shift work so my sleep does get affected when I flip flop nights and days. However I still get sleep. I am noticing that I'm losing muscle size and I'm suppose to be on offseason prep. Some weeks it looks like I've taken 3 weeks back. I understand nutrition and diet plays a huge role. Save your speech there. The real question is. Even though I do get a decent amount of sleep, can the sleep patterns affect my physique? Another important factor to note is I switched from test and deca to test and tren. Yes I know deca holds more water. Save your speech on that. Isn't tren suppose to prevent muscle breakdown and go for fat instead?
Test E- 500mg w
Tren E 300mg w
Dbol 50mg day
Arimidex 1mg every 3 days.

Is it possible that the tren has that major of a difference? Please if you have never in your life taken tren on a bulk cycle don't comment. I see a lot of BS on threads. Someone who has experience it please. Chances are you went through similar ups and downs.