Hey fellas. I'm pretty new here so I thought this would be a great icebreaker. I've been lurking here and other sites for years. I finally decided to register. I have a couple cycles under my belt that were done over 5 years ago. They were mostly based off of long ester tests with an oral kick start. 4 years ago I fell off of a roof and was in a wheel chair for a year and a half. was a horrible time and my family really got the sorry end of the stick even though I was the one with the injury. i sufferedlots of atrophy as well as an opiate addiction due to the amount of time on the medicine. I've recently cleaned up and started working out over the last year. Changing diet and habits are hard but it was time to man up. I ordered some gear not to long ago during a sale and started it last week. I'm running test prop at 50mg/tren ace 50mg daily. This is my first tren run and have taken all precautions to do this safely. Once I decided to run this cycle last year I knew that tren would be the best bet to help me get back up to par, so I studied day and night.
Here's some stats:
*suffer from mild teen gyno.
*30 yrs old 6ft tall
*Less than 6 months ago I weighed 215. Minimal muscle mostly fat. I seriously had no definition. I will include pictures.
*225 last week before cycle. Will include pictures
*currently on 7th day and have seen some fat loss with added vascularity and definition.

My goal here is to lose some fat and gain added muscle.

my diet generally consists of:
1st meal 6-8 whole eggs
2nd meal cup of oats & protein shake
3rd meal half of chicken
4th meal & pre workout cup of coffee black with egg&tuna salad
5th meal dinner & post workout generally grilled chicken thigh or breast/ steak with steamed vegetables.
6th meal shake

I cheat twice a week. Tuesdays is $1 tacos at a local Mexican restaurant. I usually eat 8 to 10 chicken tacos post workout. I know it seems like a lot but I know a girl that works there and she says it's marinated chicken breast. I get it plain with salsa. Thursday is hibachi buffet night where my diet usually consists of 4 plates of hibachi. Generally steak, shrimp, a few eggs, bean sprouts, mushrooms, Grean beans and broccoli.

I don't think I'll be logging my exact workouts because I don't really like to carry around a phone or notepad in the gym. I basically pick my muscle group for the day, choose my exercises, do a set to feel myself out and kind of see what weight feels acceptable for that day. I basically listen to my body. If I'm not hitting failure by 10-12 I'm raising the weight. If I can do more sys and not be winded I will throw some extra stuff in. If I'm not tired by the end of my routine for the day I'll usually work on lagging body parts for an extra 20 minutes or so.

I think that's about it. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I will be posting pictures soon. I'm sure I might get some fat boy heat, but that's okay. I'm open to criticism. I've seen hundreds of these unfinished and is some what annoying. I'm going to finish this one for everyone to see.