Hello everyone, I am still alive. I know i went MIA for awhile, but i've still been lifting and going at it....a little to much.

For those who remember I have been cycling for quite some time. I have been blasting and cruising with many various different cycles. I know I pulled an extremely retarded move by not coming off and just running test @ 200mg/wk in between cycles. I love the feeling of being on and hate the fact that you loose muscle coming off, so my arrogant self decided not too....BUT, what made me realize my ignorance was me wanting a future...a future that includes a FAMILY...with KIDS. My own kids, from my sperm....Now i feel that I have been on for so long that i may be sterile. My last gf and i broke up 6 months ago, and since then i have fallen in love with a girl whom i would LOVE to eventually start a family with.

So all in all, I am coming off until I have restored myself to a natural homeostasis. I am hoping a rigorous pct and some time off will bring me back 100%. I AM having anxiety coming off. Mostly because I have been putting porn stars to shame since i have met her. Our sexual compatibility is on another level, and making her squirt and orgasm double digit times per session is usual. We go at it 3-5X per day(eq/test great endurance) and she is getting the best sex she ever has or ever will. The anxiety i am getting is the fear of coming off and her not getting what she is used to and possibly cheating and fucking some other dude. My T will literally be close to zero for god who knows how long, I am hoping some Cialis can compensate for this during my time off =/ I have even laid in bed crying in fear of loosing her because of this. Real men have no problem expressing their true emotions, so if this bothers you go read some manly man magazine and fuck off.

PCT: keep in mind things may change. open to all opinions.

My supercharged pct protocol by Dr. Scally to regain my god damn nuts back, achieve normal/natural sexual function and be able to have a good sperm count is as follow:

DR. SCALLY's pct

HCG: 2,000iu eod for 10 days. 20,000iu in 10 days
clomid: 50mg/2xed for 30 days
nolva: 20mg for 45 days

*adding aromasin 20mgs/ed for 4 weeks
*adding cialis to keep my women happy

So, any thoughts on how you guys think this is going to go? am i screwed? Still hope?

Thanks you! will rep