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    RPS Summer Slam Meet Results -

    Had a great meet. Ran it pretty strict with the coaches.
    Sorry no DL video yet (will have at a later time)

    Squat 450 - 75lbs PR from previous meet
    Bench 470 - 20lbs PR from previous meet
    Deadlift 450lbs 10lbs PR.

    Cut my bench at 470, it was a record so I was allowed a 4th attempt. played it safe and was happy with 470.

    Squat, I was very happy. went for 470 on my third attempt but failed.

    Deadlift. 405 light opener. Then went to 450. Was happy with that. I didn't do a 3rd attempt. I was tired, run down, and bicep was hurting pretty bad. I have a bad habit of deadlifting with my biceps. Need to stop that.
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