So I put in my order for Legend Pharm. I ordered 5 Test Prop & 5 Tren Ace. I will be running my blast for 8 weeks. I will be using 50mg of Test Prop & 75mg of Tren Ace daily. I will be running .5mg of Pfizer Cabaser twice weekly. I will also be running Rx Adex from walgreens at 1mg per day. I know it seems high, but I already get estrogen issues. I got it from a source here. He may identify himself if he chooses. I also received my pack about 7 days later with no problems. Actually the only issue is the wife got my pack before I got home. Always makes me nervous if she will open it or not.The point of this cycle will be the first 5 weeks to bulk and last 3 weeks to cut. I will do my first pin today and comment.