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150 tabs of Clen, 200 tabs of Cytomel T3 and 100 tabs of Proviron. Ends 6-15-14

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    150 tabs of Clen, 200 tabs of Cytomel T3 and 100 tabs of Proviron. Ends 6-15-14

    As the title suggest this auction is for 150 tabs of Balkan Pharma Clen, 200 tabs of Cytomel and 100 tabs of Bayer Proviron.

    Ends 6-15-14 at 10pm EST

    150 tabs Balkan Pharma Clen

    Clenbuterol was a popular steroid used for asthma treatment in the 90s but today there are different drugs for this treatment. Because of thermogenic effect and increasing metabolic rate, many people today are using Clenbuterol weight loss. Because of aerobic capacity increase in body, many aerobics use it before exercises. It has also an important part of lean muscle mass gaining process for bodybuilders.
    Half-life of Clenbuterol is 8 hours so side effects of it are very low and temporary. Many athletes use 100 mg Clenbuterol per day and divide doses into 2 or 3 times in day. Expert bodybuilders can rise the dose up to 150 mg per day. Most common dosage for aerobics is 50 mg divide of total dose in day and use it before exercises in morning and afternoon.

    It’s one of the well tolerated steroids ever but it shows stronger side effects than caffeine in short periods. Most known side effect of Clenbuterol is insomnia. Especially for novice bodybuilders and for people using Clenbuterol irregular, insomnia is a big problem. Also many athletes report shaking hands and nervousness but they are not common.

    Women can also use it but they must control their body development and use it in good scheduled cycles. Many women athletes find the perfect dose in their experiences.
    There’s a big misconception about Clenbuterol and many people believe that its traces on tests can be found only for one day. It’s not true because Clenbuterol’s traces can be found up to 2 weeks. Also when it’s used with supporters like Ketotifen, traces can be found up to 6 weeks.

    200 tabs Cytomel t3

    Cytomel is one of the most common drugs for treatment of hypothyroidism. Cytomel triggers thyroid hormones like T3. When T3 is increased in body regularly, it triggers metabolic activity and body starts to burn fat faster than standard speed.

    There’s no known mortal side effect of Cytomel. Most reported side effect is the loss of muscle tissue. Many bodybuilders use Cytomel in their strict calorie diets because it allows low consumption of calories but after diet, they again use steroids for gaining muscle mass back. Also temporary side effects like headaches, excess sweating and insomnia are common. Because of low body fat in body, many women reported that they have problems in their menstrual cycles.

    Cytomel is very rare to be used alone in cycles and many athletes use it as supporter. Many bodybuilders and athletes start Cytomel 6 weeks before a competition. 6-8 week period is enough for increasing the level of T3 into effective peak in blood. 25 mg per day is the most common form for novices and it can be increased up to 100 mg per day. In some individual situations, doctors can prescribe 150 mg for men.

    After Cytomel usage is stopped, users can face some problems till the natural Thyroid hormone production is started on body again. There’s a big discussion about this situation on science world because it’s very individual when Thyroid hormone will start to be produced in body naturally again. While many people gained their natural thyroid production back in short period, some of them couldn’t do it or get it in long periods.

    100 tabs Bayer Proviron

    roviron is an orally active Dihydrotestosterone preparation. Many athletes and bodybuilders use it because of its strong anti-estrogenic activity. Also it’s very common to use it before anti-aromatases. Especially it can be used in small period after cycle and before Nolvadex or Clomid usage. There are stronger anti-estrogenic agents now but none of them are tolerable in body as Proviron still. It binds some estrogen receptors which is not binding with any other anti-estrogenic agents. Also it’s very common to see that many athletes and bodybuilders use it because they afraid of losing libido with steroid cycles. It’s true that uncontrolled steroid cycles can kill libido and Proviron with its androgenic effect can recover it in most cases. Many bodybuilders reported that it’s useless for building muscle in man. It’s true that using 50 mg of Proviron before sex increases the performance.

    Proviron is so popular because it’s one of the most secure substances possible for women bodybuilders and athletes. But it can produce a faulty anabolic effect to many bodybuilders.

    Most common dose is Proviron is two tablets in one take. One tablet is 25 mg and 50 mg is enough if it’s used two times regularly in daily base. Overdose doesn’t make any boost on libido. Also it doesn’t include 17 alpha alkylated compound which is making possible to use it in long cycles.

    There are no known mortal side effects of Proviron. Common side effects are headache, mental alertness and menstrual irregularities for women. Pregnant women must avoid using it. Also people with heart, kidney or liver problems must use it in caution.

    Auction ends 6-15-14 at 10pm EST

    Starting bid is $1

    Shipping will sent internationally too fellas.

    If you have any questions feel free to email or pm me

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