Since I have had so much success with Euro Pharmacies gear for my last 2 cycles, I am going to make an in depth log for you all to see for my next Euro Pharm Cycle.

*all cycles consist of proper ancillaries and pct

My last bulk cycle was EP teste/deca/dbol
(with bulking diet)
750/400/40mg (Fall 2013)

I had extreme strength gains and body composition improvements with an essential diet and training regimen while on cycle.

I was bench pressing 405 lbs for 10 reps!

I went from 230lbs to 260lbs in 12 weeks!

Now I am not a power lifter but being able to move a lot if weight with ease feels great. I had no joint problems because the deca is like padding for the joints. I was able to squat and leg press heavy and intense without wrapping my knees. I felt great and my mood was very good.

After that I ran an EP cut cycle
(w/ cutting diet)
750/400/50mg (Spring 2014)

I maintained my weight while changing body composition drastically. I was very hard and vascular on this. My body fat went from 20% to 11%.

I will be starting a log here for my next cycle in August. I will be running 12 weeks of Euro Pharmacies test prop and NPP. 700/525 (Fall 2014)

The cycle goals are to

-Increase strength
-Change body composition
-Maintain leanness
-Pad the joints
-Increase the size, shape, and fullness of each individual muscle.

I am using the short ester because I want to see visible results sooner than 5 weeks. If one is using a long ester, one usually does not see VISIBLE results until 5 weeks in or so. Granted, you can get around this by using an oral like d-bol for the first 5 weeks or so. I purposefully wanted to stay away from ORALS since my last 2 cycles contained orals and they are extra harmful to your liver.

Using NPP instead of deca also gives drier gains. Using a short ester requires more frequent pinning which has pros and cons. I am a huge fan of spot injections where you pin the muscle you are about to train (both sides) right before you lift. I notice increased inflammation in the muscle I train and my pumps are much more intense. Working the muscle also moves the oil around helping absorption. The muscle always feels fuller and stronger with spot injections to me. I will be pinning EOD so over a 2 week period I would have pinned each muscle 1 time. Everyday injections for me is a little too much stabbing.

I follow the same weekly lifting schedule (6 days a week one muscle each day) so this allows me to always spot inject. If a pinning day falls on my OFF day, I usually pin bis or tris.

Thanks UNCLE Z!!

To be continued.....

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