i went thru privatemdlabs and prchased the male hormone panel.
as expected, my liver numbers were slightly out of range as well as my rbc and hemocrit

tryglcerides were fine but the good cholestetol was z little low and the bad was a little high
creatinine was a little high too but not bad( i take creatine in my pwo drink.

the heart stopper was my estriadol was 442. I've been on cycle with various compounds for 5 months. mostly high(1gr) test- long esters and tren 450/week and masteron 400/week with a little deca 200/week

I've been on adex 1/2mg eod all along and prami as well for the prolactin sides, so im assuming my adex iz bunk or im real sensetive to estrogen
im ordering several pacs of letro to get the estro down , should i also get some nolva as well? i didnt have any becuz im on trt when not on cycle