Here it is guys, Here's my diet

Upon Wakening = 2iu's GH with 50mcg T4 along 25mcg T3

Meal 1: 8.6 ounces eggwhites with 1oz low fat cheese and 1oz of spinach. I drink a liquid Muliti along with 5grams of BCAAs and an additional 3g's of Leucine.

Inbetween meal 1 and 2: Greens Drink.

Meal 2: 7oz of Chicken Breast with 3/4 cup of cooked brown rice with CLA and KRILL OIL

Inbetween meal 2 and 3: 400mg of Sam E

Meal 3: 8 oz of Beef with Broccoli with 2g's of FISH OIL AND KRILL OIL

Inbetween meal 3 and 4: 50mcg of T4 with 25mcg's of T3.

Meal 4: Post Workout meal 1: 50g Whey Iso along with 50 g of CarbIon(AllMax's Carb drink) and 2 iu's of GH.
"Note" some days I'll start drinking my Carb Drink halfway through my workout and finish it right as I'm finishing my workout.

Meal 5: Post Workout meal 2: 7oz Chicken Breast with 3/4 cup of Brown Rice or 1/2 Sweet Potato with Broccoli. I also take another serving of multis along with 1g Vitamin C and 400mg R-ala.

Meal 6: 7oz Top Sirloin

Before Bed: 1/2 hour before night time protein drink I take Clam along with GABA.
Meal 7: 2-3 scoops of Brand name time-released protein with 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter, no sugar.