Hey Guys, wanted to know if anyone has had or knew of someone who had Gyno surgery from a well known respected Dr. residing on the west coast. Like the Nevada, California, Oregon or Washington area. A good friend of my has a killer body and wants to compete( I think he needs to compete) but has gyno in his right nip which is killing his mentality to even train anymore. Believe it or not, this was Pro-Hormone induced Gyno. He's done a few cycles and has never had a problem. He got deployed and all he could get his hands on where some PH's. No pct or anything. Know, he just wants it out. He's done some research but he knows that I'm very active in the community and wanted to know if I could help out. I'm kind of at a stand still also. IF you guys could help me help a brother out, I know he would appreciate it very much.

Thanks guys!