Ok for example, Im having a hard time finding people who are into fitness like I am.

The majority of people do not work out or eat clean. That is why over 50 % of people in the United States are overweight.

Its getting frustrating. Most people I meet want to go to bars on the weekend and if you bring your own food to work and hit the gym on Friday nights they think you are weird.

Where can I go to meet people? Are there any places you guys know about? Even at the gym most people who go there are not very dedicated. They work out to feel less guilty about eating like crap and drinking like fishes. I guess maybe I should just stop worrying so much. But its nice to have a social life surrounded by people who enjoy other things than bars and eating poorly for enjoyment. Yes everyone is entitled to a cheat meal, but once in a while. The majority go out for fun and what do they do more than once a week? They eat pizzas, burgers, and drink beer. They may go workout once or twice a week. They do not workout 6-7 days per week. They are not serious.