Blueprint 25% off Liquidation sale

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    Blueprint 25% off Liquidation sale

    Well I think we have been around long enough now that everyone understands what we bring to the table. High end quality at a reasonable price. No need to skimp and get garbage gear and no need to pay higher prices for it either. The labs conducted have shown the purity and I think those who have logged it have been more than impressed. There is a reason pros, and vets like Heavy use our products.

    We will be offering one last sale for those that have not had a chance to see for themselves. This sale will not only allow you to try BPL out but may give you the opportunity to remain as a customer. This is not a publicity stunt like some sources have pulled saying they were going private when they conducted a sale. This is the real deal here folks.

    The sale is 25% off of EVERYTHING!!! This sale will last as long as supplies last and will end when that supply is gone or at the END OF THE MONTH when we go private.

    We would like to thank everyone for their support and please do not refer to us as "Private Source" if you are able to remain a customer. When we say private we mean private. More information will be passed on to those that have the opportunity to stay with us when we go off the public boards.
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