Hey guys, I was going 2 give a rough rundown of my training/diet and see what everyone thought. Without being 2 specific, over the last 3 weeks I changed up my program to lifting as heavy of weight as I can, with very slow negative movements(3-5 seconds each rep), and explosive positive movements. I have never done this before, and my strength gains have went through the roof so far! Also, I weigh about 145 pounds on a heavy day, I'm a very hard gainer and I'm lifting for overall size/mass. Like I said I'm defenitly getting stronger, and way more lean, because I just now started taking my diet very seriously. So I feel great, other than I'm putting on more lean muscle which is awesome, but not getting any real size. I will upload some pictures and wondered if u guys had any tips such as more reps, less reps, more calories,proteins,fats.... I'm lifting on a 3-4 set per workout, 6-10 reps for workout program right now, like I said with slow negative and fast positive movements. And I USED 2 eat anything in sight, but have recently(last month or so) changed 2 eating as often as possible, but lean, "healthy"foods. I eat a ton of chicken,eggs,lean hamburger,sausage,and cereals. I take 2 protein shakes a day, along with creatine and just started animal pak m-stak. Last thing is I've noticed more size during my pump in the gym than ever before, but I feel I'm not getting much overall size after I'm done, or on rest dAys.

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