I started my monster cycle 5 weeks ago. It will last for 20 weeks.
Week 1-20 2 x 350mg Test C (will maybe increase to 2 x 500mg week 10)
Week 1-4 100mg DBOL (Oral)
Week 4-9 100mg Drol (Oral) and 60mg Winny (Oral)

Every day I take 25mg Proviron, 20mg Tamoxifen, multi Vit, Omega 3, Essentiale Forte 3 x 3 tabs (liver support).

Week 2 I started to have MEGA wood during the night. I am MEGA horny and my girl friend is happy. I am 6''2 (188cm) and 235pounds (109kg), 18%bf, 48 years old. Lifting for 23 years. First injectable cycle. Sides: Acne on my back and elevated BP (Take tabs for that now, so it is normalized). Did first blood work, no issues. Will do blood work every 5-6 weeks. Doctor is informed was is going on.

I will keep you posted!!