So I recently took Jack3d Micro. The first time I took it I will admit I felt some energy. Then the next time I took it not really all that much. Then the 3rd time I took 3 scoops and it felt stronger. Then yesterday I took 2.5 and felt ok. Then today I took 4 scoops and didn't really feel anything.

I also have taken C4 Extreme.

Overall experience has been really weak with these preworkouts. I feel like they are just a waste of money. I would be more wired if I took 3 or 4 glasses of espresso to be honest with you guys.

Is there anything you can take that would really make a difference? Also Pump wise I really am disappointed. I notice some nice things but I think that even if I didn't take these I would still see my muscles get big during workouts since I am working until failure with each exercise.