I am taking T3 and Clen. Currently, I have worked up to 120 mcg of T3 and 100 mcg of Clen. In a few days I will have been on the clen for two weeks, so I will drop it for two weeks. No bad sides so far. A little tiny jitteriness and hot and sweaty all the time. Raised heart rate.

A competitive bodybuilder friend of mine, who is cutting for a contest, told me when I was at 75 mcg of T3 and no clen, "that much T3 is catabolic."

I am losing weight.

I am getting stronger.

I am also on test, tren, and deca (for joints).

Is the fact that I am getting stronger enough argument to refute the claim that the T3 and clen are catabolic in my case, or am I deluding myself?