You all have seen them. Many of them join Planet Fitness like gyms. They just do a little cardio every week and are not looking to build muscle. You mention you compete and they shake their head. Wondering how someone can be so self obessed. There are more important priorities in life than working out every day they say. Many have never attempted to do a squat in their life. "Oh that looks too tough!" These are the soccer moms, school teachers and local politicians of the world. The girl who's goal is just to fit into her size 8 jeans.

They do not like serious lifters. They think we are nuts. Well we are, but in a good way! How could we lift for an hour and a half and then run 3 miles? How can we do twoadays? We are crazy!

Men, and any ladies of this forum, we are the EXTREME.

How do you deal with the average person that only gives 50 % of their effort when it comes to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle?