Before you say "god not another one of these" please read whole post, it's a little different.

I'm trying to know if I received a legit product, trust me I know this question has been beaten to death and I wouldn't be posting if I saw the question I'm about to ask already asked. I've been searching this for 2 hours now without finding it. A little background I bought the product 2 years ago on amazon(I know, you don't have to say it) but there were good/several positive reviews for the product and the seller, only reason why I trusted it

Has anyone actually taken a close look at LEGIT RPN havoc powder? Did the powder have several little yellow crystalline specs in it? They are about the same size as a grain of sand with a definite yellow color to it. Capsules were white as well.

There were some red flags: No expiration date(which I hear isn't necessarily a problem) not much of an odor but maybe a little sweet cardboardish type smell? No lot number yellow print, no sticker but there is residue on the side of both bottles to where a sticker looks like was but taken off.

I Tasted the powder had an AWFUL and EXTREMELY strong potent taste and I believe it might have been a bitter sulfurous(but doesn't have a sulfur smell) tasting as well, it was almost like a strong sodium type taste(but different than normal table salt) on steroids. Here are some links to pics of the powder and and bottle.

I apologize for another RPN Havoc thread, but tell me if I'm wrong about people not posting about the looks of the powder and taste because I've been searching for 2 hours without luck. Thanks guys