Hello everyone,

I suppose I'll introduce myself and tell you how I ended up here. I'm 28 and have been exhibiting symptoms of low T for some time. Lack of sex drive, low/nonexistent libido, chronic fatigue, and just general malaise. I was totally normal up until the point I turned 21, I never used or abused AAS, I came back from a trip overseas and started going to the bathroom 20+ times a day literally dumping my guts into the toilet. I figured it was something I had eaten, maybe food poisoning, etc. A month later, two cycles of antibiotics, anti parasitic, and 20lbs later I was finally seen by a specialist and had my first colonoscopy (my insurance was terrible at this time). Turns out I had Ulceritive Colitis (I won the genetic lottery ), Hooray for having a camera rammed up your butt! Anyway, I had been on a wonderful drug called Prednisone for over 7 years, with varying doses (anywhere from 5mg to 120mg). I tried to tell my GP about it and he pretty much wrote me off.

Fast forward to now, I am off of Prednisone for almost a year, but my energy/libido/everything still pretty much such. I saw a urologist for an ED appointment and he asked if anyone had ever looked my testosterone values. I do remember my GP running it and saying it was normal at 198 ng/dl, I thought nothing of it. I told this to my Urologist and he almost slapped me saying a Normal healthy Male shouldn't be anywhere close to that at my age. He asked if I had ever considered TRT, which I had not. So here I am. I have been researching and devouring information for the past month. Anyways here are the labs he ordered today.