Okay, I have tried a both Pharm and non pharm GH in the past, but this is the first time that I have ran one right into the other. I was running a non pharma brand (Norditropin) right into Serostim (which I know for a fact is 100% legit). 2 things. I was running the non pharma at 5iu ed and the pharma at 2 iu so this in definitely not definitive, but there is DEFINITELY a difference. Right from the start, as soon as BAC water hits the Sero, it is a solution. No clumping or swirling to make it dissolve. As far as side effects, it is a poor indicator whether or not your GH is real. I have ZERO issues with stiff hands, being tired, tingling etc on sero. On the other stuff, my hands felt like I could barely move them upon rising along with my feet tingling. Water retention also has drastically reduced. Im pretty cut up right now, and since switching over even on a decently low carb diet, my shoulder roundness became more pronounced as well as the muscle separation in my forearms. Abs have definitely popped more/ more visable veins, etc.
Im not saying the non pharma is junk, because I do believe it was beneficial, but 2 things:
1)Its a big investment for something that isnt guaranteed real. Im not sold on IGF and GH serum tests. Peptides and god knows what else now are able to create a rise in these.
2)Sanitation- The worry of heavy metals, contaminants etc. Im not preaching health as I take 3 grams of test a week, but at least Im aware of what im doing. Also, if I was in a bind, Id consider some of these reputable non pharmas, just for the fact that I did benefit from it, even though im not exactly sure what im taking.
3)Rediculous Serum tests- some of these tests are beyond sky high. Stuff that is testing higher than pharma is not normal.

Just want to throw my 2 cents in here regarding GH, since I do believe that GH and test are the bread and butter for building a physique for pretty much any goal.