Next TexxGears 3 Years Anniversary Special!

We are celebrating 3 years this June! Everything has gone great since we started TexxGears and we are happy that you are our customers! This month starting on June 7th our celebration starts and will last all the way until the 29th.

What we are going to do is on each of these weeks is offer 3 different promos for each week.

Here you have the promo coupon you can use between Saturday the 14th and Friday the 20th!

For orders over 250 USD:

15 orders using the promo code T3XXGEARS: 5 Proviron Bayer for free (gift valued in 95 USD).

10 orders using the promo code TEXXG3ARS: 10 T3 Unipharma for free (gift valued in 65 USD)

You should add any of those products (or 5 Proviron Bayer or 10 T3 Unipharma) to the shopping cart and then write the promo code when checking out. If the site is saying the code is not valid, it means that the 15 + 10 orders with promo were already taken. Next week, there will be more ;-)

For orders over 150 USD:

5 first orders over 150 USD: free shipping using the promo code 333333.

Next Thursday we will send you the promo codes for the next week

Thank you.