Alright all,

I am a Full Power lifter, but my goal right now is to qualify for the Arnold Bench Bash, compete with the best power lifters around at the Arnold in the bench. This does NOT mean I am not going to be training full power, it just means I have an opportunity to Qualify for the Arnold for the bench, why the fuck wouldn't I go for it?!?

The qualifier for Pro at 198 is 445 and at 220 495. I am probably going to cut to 198 and smash the 445. I hope to be close to a 500 bench by the end of this year.

For the haters that don't know what they talking about, here is my bench at the last meet the other week at 470lbs.

Waiting for SteroidsFax gear still, but will be running a very traditional test/deca/dbol cycle for the long haul.