Teens fall to death from balcony: Teens' 6th floor balcony rail romp turns fatal.

Two teens, who were in the midst of some very heavy kissing and foreplay fell to their death from a balcony of a sixth floor apartment building in London. The teens were at a party when the accident occurred and people who were there said that an 18-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman were embracing on the edge of the balcony and lost their balance, according to Opposing Views on June 12.
While headlines say that the teens were "kissing" on the balcony, a neighbor said the two were trying to "have sex." Samson Oguntayo, who is a neighbor living next to the building where this happened, said that the "guy was lifting the girl and putting her on the bannister, he kept doing it,"

Anastasia Tutik and the guy known only as Miguel were going at it hot and heavy when the people at this party heard loud noise, almost as if they were hearing large booms from fireworks. That was the noise of the couple made when hitting the pavement below.
According to Yahoo News on June 12, the party was going on inside the apartment while the two were outside on the balcony having sex. The balcony has a railing and apparently the guy was trying to perch the woman on the edge of the railing during sex. Somehow they lost balance and simultaneously went over the side to their death.

Oguntayo said he ran to the building next door to find the two teens lying in pools of blood. He called 999, which is the equivalent to America's 911emergency number. He knew it was too late and when the paramedics arrived they could not save either teen.
Sky News today reports the police in London are calling the teens death a "tragic accident," which suggests they don't believe any foul play was involved. The police were called to the Knights Tower in Deptford, South London after midnight. Oguntayo told police they were doing some "really dangerous stuff" on the balcony.

Oguntayo said he reached the bodies first and he had to tell their friends that the two of them were dead. After the incident people from the party could be seen out on the balcony crying.

The neighbor who witnessed the couple fall said the girl had her arms around the boys neck when they lost their balance. Police are asking any witnesses to get in touch with them, but they did say they are not treating this tragedy as suspicious.

Both teens are students at Bellerbys College in London and the party was a celebration of the end of finals.

Update 6/13: Much like the movie "Rear Window" people of this apartment complex can see many other windows and balconies of the building where the accident happened. A few of the neighbors had spotted the couple going at it on the balcony and happened to be watching when they lost their balance and fell over. People gazing is popular in the big cities like New York, where telescopes are often used to check out the sights.

The couple had been out on the balcony alone, but at one point they stopped their frolicking when others joined them on the balcony. Apparently their friends went back into the apartment because they started at it again, said one neighbor, who was "adjusting his blinds" when he and his wife happened to catch the teens on the balcony having sex.

The Huffington Post on June 12 reports that a woman who lives opposite the apartment where the accident happened, identified as only Daria, said she went outside after the incident and found a female in tears. She identified herself as the female victim's best friend. Daria comforted the girl, as everyone waited for police to get to them with their questions for the investigation of the accident. Flowers and candles are starting to build up in a make-shift memorial on the pavement below the sixth floor balcony where the teens fell to their death.