Just received my order. Communication was great (thanks DM). T/A was very nice. Went with OP since my other source is out of prop. Read through all the reviews and knew I would be in good hands with the OP team. Pinned 100mg of prop and 300mgs of test e as soon as I got home. A little thick for a 25ga, but no pip whatsoever. Products were nicely packaged and extremely clear. Going to run prop 100mgs eod for 3-4 weeks, test e at 600/ week for the first 2 weeks, 800 for weeks 5-8 and 1g for weeks 9-12. Feels really good to be back on cycle. Was going to run a prop/ tren a cycle but had some ed issues the last month and didn't want to make matters worse. Test only works well for me on its own. Here's to 3 months of awesome!