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Had 3 beers yesterday and some red wine.

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    Had 3 beers yesterday and some red wine.

    I went to a celebration of life for a person that I know. They had beer and dry red wine. It was Merlot.

    I had three Stella's and about 6 glasses of Red Wine. I felt that yesterday was a good time to treat myself to some drinks. We only live once and since I am very strict and follow a very clean diet and workout every single day, I allowed myself to relax and not worry about bodybuilding for a day.

    Will this effect my gains? If it does what will I notice tonight when I work out?

    Am I overreacting? I am working really hard at getting my core as strong as possible. Im in the gym 6 days per week ( 1 1/2 hours up to 2 hours per day) and will be in the gym every day this week so will the drinks even make an impact on my progress this week?
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