Ok guys figured this was the most efficient way of getting the news out to everyone who has an order pending with Olympus.

O is sending packs out as quickly as possible. He wants a clean slate going into the time off so he can take care of some personal matters and get ready for July.

For the handful of guys waiting on old packs... they're coming. I'm in contact with some of you and the rest are in contact with Ez, Mach or Sliz.

All regular orders that were placed before the closing and paid up are being processed and sent as well. I don't know a time frame but I'd guess O wants it all out as fast as possible.

A small caveat for a few recent orders. Olympus ran out of TrenE but he still filled all orders and will be sending them out just without the TrenE. He's expecting to have more in the next week or so and we will get them to you when he has it. I believe there are only a couple of orders that are affected by this so when you get your packs and if you're one of the ones missing the Tren please PM me and we'll get you squared away asap. O didn't want to hold up entire orders for one item. He will ship them when it's ready.