Well as I am progressing into my trt phase and my SF tren is slowly leaving my system, and while technically on vacation, I couldn't resist going to visit a nearby gym. I decided to do chest since I consider it my weakest body part and I probably won't lift anymore while on vacation. Anyway I laid down on the bench for what was my 3rd set which consisted of 315 pounds. I told the guy spotting me(guy kind of looked like the Captn) that I was going for 6-8 reps. My previous two sets felt ok but nothing special(225/275) and as stated I'm a little into my trt phase(250mg per week) and only had two meals(not much protein) at the time (4:30pm). Well I repped out 12 reps with 315. Then did a 4th set with 365 for 4 reps, then ended the exercise with 405 pounds for 3 reps with the sling shot. Now some of you may not be impressed because my body weight is 260 pounds but I was extremely happy because I have never gotten this many reps before with 315 and am pretty much on nothing else but proviron and formeron, plus I had pretty much nothing to eat. All I can say is SF tren is no bullshit!