So I've been wanting to make a big batch of Test Cyp and was rushing and not paying attention. I put in 40g of Test C and grabbed a package, same color and shape as the cyp but turned out to be npp. Dissolved it in my ba/bb before I realized. Now I need suggestions on what you guys would want in a blend and at what mg/ml ratio. I have more npp. I have Deca, and TP. Obviously for a test cyp blend with npp you are going to need ratios low enough for 2 injections per week. Say 250/150. Or I could do 200/200/100, cyp/deca/npp. Wow that would be thick...Or I could do 350/85, and just have the npp in there as a kicker. And make more NPP available seperate. But like I said it's a big batch and should be "practical". Anyway give me some feedback.