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Dannie's Weight Loss Log - with help of Roid+ Cut Stack

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    Dannie's Weight Loss Log - with help of Roid+ Cut Stack

    Dramatic Intro:
    I have been blasting and crusing for 5 months now. Currently on 250mg Test E, 100mg Deca E6D and 3.33IU HGH ED, this cycle is my last blast before a long overdue PCT.
    The plan is to get lean so if there is any rebound I will still look half decent in holiday pictures.

    18h fast, 6 hours feeding period.
    10g of L-glutamine and BCAA pre workout hardly breaks a fast hence it is indicated Meal 0.
    I carb up before Strongman and Powerlifting sessions hence the fast is reduced to around 16 hours on those days.

    DogCrapp (DC) trainingand Strongman/ Powerlifting (SP) with cardio in between

    Var and more Cut Stack is in the post.

    Week 1 290mg Test E, 115mg Deca, 735mg Cut Stack (245mg Test P, Tren A, Mast D)
    Week 2 290mg Test E, 115mg Deca, 735mg Cut Stack, 30mg Anavar ED
    Week 3 1050mg Cut Stack (350mg Test P, Tren A, Mast D), 45mg Anavar ED
    Week 4 1050mg Cut Stack, 60mg Anavar ED
    Week 5 80-120mg Anavar ED

    Week 2 50mcg T3
    Week 3 75mcg T3

    3.33IU on empty stomach


    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 210lbs
    BF: 15% or so

    Bench Press: 305 lbs
    Deadlift: 520 lbs
    Current 1RMs aren’t that impressive, but I am happy with them, both were set during recent cruise.
    I only started PL about 5 months ago with just 2 sessions dedicated to it each month. I enjoy PL workouts more than BB split, hence I increased the frequency of the PL workouts during this blast.
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