This is Just to make some Noise.

5 min of warm up on Treadmill, followed by 5 mins of Elliptical to get some blood into my arms.

Today for me was Arms and Calves.

Triset # 1. Skull Crushers, Barbell curls and then calf press. 5 sets of 10

Triset # 2. Rope Tricep Pushdown, Rope Curls and then Donkey Calf raises. 4 sets of 30reps

Triset # 3. Reverse-grip Tricep pushdown, Cable Biceps curl followed by Seated Calf Raises 3, 1 minute cluster sets.

Triset # 4. Hammer Curl, Dumbbell curl, then one legged slow calf rasies, 3 sets of 12.

Cardio, Steady state cardio for 25 minutes. HearRate 125-135bpm.