Ok first of my goal is not to loose weight but to loose fat so I'll be less worried about the scale and more focused on the mirror. I started to cut back in December (Will post pics of progress beginning middle before gear and a recent after gear was introduced) I was all natty (during the cut not my first cycle) until 5 weeks ago. I then added test e/mast e since then I have now added tren and its first time ever using tren currently 14 days in. I went on vacation a few weeks ago and just getting back on track so what better way then start a log with Dannie to help with motivation. Always willing to learn so any feedback is welcome. Current stats are 5'10" 205lbs and if you believe the hand held omron BF is at 15%.

Diet will be carb cycling a bit:

High days will be 2800 cals (leg day's and back days 3 total in a week)


Med days will be 2000 cals


Low/non training days will be 2000 cals


Training Will be as follows:

Monday-Legs/Abs & 20-30mins cardio

Tues- Back/Shoulders & 20-30mins cardio

Wed- Chest & 20-30mins cardio (HIIT)

Thurs- OFF

Fri- Legs/Abs & 20-30mins cardio

Sat- Bi's/Tri's & 20-30mins cardio (HIIT)

Sun- OFF

Current Cycle is:

Test E 250 per week
Mast E 500 per week
Tren 80mg EOD
HGH at 4iu (currently out and waiting)

Gonna try and run tren at least 10wks and I'll keep the test 2-3wks after that.