Hey guys. Just got my blood work back from the lab and wanted to get your opinion on my test readings.
These test results are after 3 weeks of blasting.

Injected 200mg cyp or 250mg test e e3d( 450mg PW). Last injection before blood work was about 48 hours. Total test= 1900.

My natty levels are around 215. I know a couple days after injecting just my TRT dose of 200mg cyp once a week will put me around 1100 alone. Thing I'm trying to figure out is if the 250mg test e I have(UGL) is properly dosed. I thought my bloods should have been a little higher than this but I'm not sure. I know I jumped the gun by testing at 3 weeks and probably should have waited till six weeks after starting my blast. I will test again in a couple more weeks. Ive completely switched over to the UGL stuff 250mg e3d.