Since Captain Underpants decided to call me out......This is a post I wrote last August 1ST........

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I have been away for a minute cause the fucking jews running this shithole can't stop some half retard from blowing up my puter. Thats 2 hard drives that cunt costed me so far but I guess alls fair in anything goes, but I digress. Anywho some observations from my time on the shelf.

1- The DRSE cannot control its members so they are getting demoted and banned so theCaptn' is recruiting new clones to become moderators, nice work Capt. ( but I am still the people's choice)
2- Kos and the misses are having problems since I was seen having lunch with her at the hospital one day.
3- As the people's choice I would give griff and azza a 10 day ban for fucking up every thread in AG I have read since I came back to this piece of shit forum again.
4- AG is running a little low on tranny pics.
5- AG has more stickies than the glass at all nude peep show.

So I will be back for a while until my computer gets blowed up again

As you can see in bullet point #3 you can see who the common denominator is. Now he sucked me into his pathetic little game. Regurgatating the same bullshit he used on azza. Problem is, if you push two pale and unjerked geezers into a corner then you have to deal with the fall out. As the houseboy is finding out.
I am The People's Choice and that can not be refuted........