Hi everyone, I've had to register again under a new name as I've been away from the forum for about a year now, as I decided to leave the UK and travel Australia. It wasn't an easy decision as I knew my lifestyle was about to change. But I have 6 months left from my 2 years Before I head back home.

Anyways a bit about me, I've Been a member since 2010. I'm 23 have been training for 7 years. Standing at 5ft 9 and 200lbs. These last 6 months that I have left in australia I'm going to be preparing myself for my first cycle for when I return home. I've been researching AAS for 3 years now and currently reading the book ANABOLICS.
Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you guys and also learning more on AAS from the many educated members that are still here from when I first joined.