Ok so two weeks ago i switched over from the EP Test CYP to EP Test E, I was doing 240mg of test cyp 1x week, so 1.2ml and now i am doing 250mg of Test E 1x week, 1ml (still cruising). First injection last week was in the quad, got post injection pain pretty quickly within 12 hours and the quad was swollen for 4-5 days. This week i injected into my glute same thing post injection pain 12 hours later and my glute is now swollen, looks like i have a lump in my butt cheek, lol.

Wonder what the deal is, the TEST CYP i had been using for 4-5 months in quads and glutes 1x week and it was SMOOTH as hell, no Post injection pain, and never any swelling.

Any ideas guys?

Anyone else notice this with the Test CYP vs Test E?