.... 4th of JULY Sale
Buy one get one free.. this makes it a great time to stock up or run your favorite peptide cycle.

BOGO during 6/22 - 6/29
To receive the free product please add to cart the quantity desired, ADD coupon ( MYBOGO ) and discount will apply.
The BOGO will run for the rest of May so everyone can get a great deal.
Please remember to get the deal you have to add the total number of items you want into your shopping cart.

Superiorpeptide super special Buy One Get One free sale - - Use Discount Code MYBOGO

The research proteins and bulk peptides are excluded from this sale

Say you want take advantage of this and add 6 x cjc-1295 and 6 x Ghrp-2 and when checking out, apply the code ( MYBOGO ) and you will see the cost deduction next to subtotal which in this case will the cost of only three of each instead of 6 of each

Doesn't matter how many you want, Just double the number and only pay for half...

If you want 10, place 20 in the cart and when the coupon is applied, you will only pay for 10 of them and get the other 10 for free. There is no limit to how many you buy .. Just the Igf's are not applicable to this sale

One of My favorite peptide cycles is cjc-1295 + Ghrp-2 (BTC mentioned using Ipamorelin is just as good or better than Ghrp-2)

here is the reconstitution + dosing schedule to make it easy for you
each day would consist of
1 injection of 100mcg of CJC-1295 every day +
100-200 mcg GHRP-2 three times a day. at
1. first injection in the morning on an empty stomach 25 minutes before eating
2. second injection in the afternoon - PWO
3. third and final, just before bed

5mg Ghrp-2 vial reconstitute with 2.5mls of bac water = 2000mcgs per ml = each 10mark on the slin pin = 200mcgs
2mg cjc-1295 vial reconstitute with 2mls of bac water = 2000mcgs per ml = each 10mark on the slin pin = 100mcgs
so you would order 2 vials of each and it would only cost you the price of one vial each... Can't beat that

Also summer is here, need help with your tan? add some Melanotan II. Great sunless tanning product with a great side effect.. Increased libido!!

Storage for most peptides - Vials are freeze-dried and therefore will remain stable at room temperature for 1-2 months. However, for long term storage they should be kept a 2-8 degrees Celsius (refrigerator temperature), where they will remain stable for up to 18 months in powder form.
So stock up now and save your money!!!

Take your Pick and take advantage of some damn fine sales

Superiorpeptide super special Discount Buy One Get One FREE Use Discount Code MYBOGO
The IGF-1's are excluded from this sale