As with all peptides so far, Leary about this one as well. After trying igf-1 lr3, des, and mgf, seems like they are either bs since it isn't pharma igf, it it just doesn't hold up on paper and pharma gh reigns superior by a longshot from my experience.
Now, myostatin inhibitors, follistatin and ace-031. Follistatin seems to be not living up to the hype in past years, but it is flying off the shelf for the one peptide company that has been selling it recently. Also, ace-031 is being added soon, and in medical studies, it does seem like it would be incredible as I belive it was given to muscular dystrophy patients before being stopped in 2011. Now I know ace-031 isn't new, but there isn't much on it. Some of the "gurus" on big on peptides such as DJ. They seem like they would work as long as they were legit. But what works in theory and being legit are the major questions. Id love to hear from people that have tried ace-031. I pretty much lost hope in igf since increlex is a lost cause and would rather invest in more serostim then pissing money away on a rediculous Stack of igf and mgf that did nothing. Ace-031 and even this new batch of follistatin has me intrigued, but would love to hear real people experiences that aren't selling the stuff

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